About me


Well to start, my name is Chloe. Lily arose from my great grama; a nurse and seamstress during the war and passed through four generations of seamstresses. She was known as “Lily of the Valley”, my home and adoration for mountains brought my title close to my heart and home, hence the name Lily of the Mountains.


After five years nursing, ambitiously crafting on the side I decided to expand my knowledge and discover the art of pattern drafting and design at Blanche Macdonald. Returning home to Kimberley for my nursing position I started creating…


Of course it started small, an almost underground feeling. I do mostly everything myself (my friends are incredibly helpful), from the drafting to sewing and photography I couldn’t choose which part I love the most. From projects big to small I am overwhelmed by the love and support I receive, it’s what pushes me daily to dream, design and create.